What is Thermal Skin Care?

What is Thermal Skin Care?

Chances are, if you are like most people, your mind will shift in one of two directions, upon hearing the term “thermal.” You may recall the local weather report using the term in its noun form (as an upward-moving current of warm air,) to relay the current weather predictions for any particular area. Alternately, you may imagine some kind of heat-delivering tool used in the hair styling industry. Then, when you try to put either of these definitions of thermal with the concept of “skin care,” it becomes really difficult to mentally embrace any such concept. Thermal Skin Care is an altogether unique process that has nothing to do with weather currents or tools that work by way of heat application to the tender skin.

Newly Trending
There is a wave of self-heating beauty products hitting the market these days, with most of them concentrated within the hair and skin care industries, and they all typically are delivered as masks or body scrubs. These products all work by way of an internally-created exothermic chemical reaction, from specific formulations designed to release energy with activation. The chemical reaction in beauty care products is most often precipitated by water. The water comes in contact with chemicals such as zeolite and magnesium sulfates, to name a few, that result in instantaneous heat production. By the integration of heat, or thermal power, all ingredients are given a major boost in effectiveness, and heat prompts increased circulation–so in this case, it’s to the skin. The most frequently voiced consumer responses to this added thermal component have been about the incredibly soothing sensation that occurs immediately. Users with more sensitivity report an almost burning feeling, however the momentary tingle they experience is only slight and actually occurs as a result of a slight temperature increase.

Just Say “Younger”
Today, skin care products are bigger than ever, with a steady stream of new offerings in the form of creams, serums, lotions, powders and salves that ferry all the latest cosmetic advancements to date. With any possibility of sustaining or restoring youth, there will be a significant shelf-sweep of eager consumers who can’t wait to “seize the benefits,” so to speak.

Direct Help From the Fountain of Youth
Our Roman and Greek predecessors relied long ago on the many benefits that could be derived from thermal spring water, and especially pertaining to effectively treating every single skin ailment and condition. The ravages of atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and more were proven to be significantly reduced, by skin protective defense found in tapping into the advantage of decreased level of minerals in thermal spring water. Thermal spring water is a wellspring of anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant protection for every skin type, and stands as an excellent remedy for the proven scary issues resulting from UVA and UVB exposure. Thermal spring water spritzes are the leading application method, for setting makeup and refreshing skin. It will soothe sunburns with its anti-inflammatory properties. Look for a lot of products adding thermal spring water to their list of ingredients.

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