What Makes a Beauty Bar?

What Makes a Beauty Bar?

Beauty bars are sweeping across the United States, and it seems there’s no slowing down.  Instead of hair salons, we now have beauty bars.  But what’s the difference?  Are there differences?  If you’re confused about what a hair salon and beauty bar have in common and what makes them different, you’re going to want to read on as we clear up some of the confusion you may have.

The Intention
The real intention behind the term beauty bar is that women are able to go to one establishment to get all their beauty needs done.  Between getting your hair cut and colored to any waxing or spa treatments you want.  A lot of this also comes from the idea that women want to be able to go to one place before heading out to an event, beauty bars make it possible for women to go to one place to have their head to toe beauty needs met before they go out for a big night out.

The Differences
The big difference between a beauty bar and a traditional hair salon and/or spa is that most often hair salons just do hair and spas just do spa treatments.  The beauty bar concept combines these two otherwise separate businesses to bring them under one roof to make it easier and less time consuming for the consumers.

Common Services
While beauty bars offer a wide range of services most often you’re going to see a wide range of hair services from haircuts, coloring to blowouts and special occasion hairstyling.  In addition to hair treatments you’re likely to find spa-like treatments like nail services, waxing services, massages and facials.  Some beauty bars may even have the addition of spray tan and/or lash extensions – some of the more luxury add-on type of services.  Essentially…if it’s a beauty service it’s likely your local beauty bar will have it at their location.

The Ease
The great thing about having all these incredible beauty services under one roof is there’s no more going to different locations to get beautified.  Additionally, scheduling appointments can become easier especially if you’re getting ready for a special occasion event.  Most beauty bars are willing to work with you to see how you can line up your beauty services back-to-back to make it easier and less of a hassle.  Say goodbye to the back and forth!  These types of beauty bars are great for wedding parties and/or big groups as well since you’re able to coordinate all the services under one roof many are willing and able to accommodate groups of women to come in at the same time.

It’s really no wonder there’s been such a huge rise in popularity when it comes to beauty bars.  Doesn’t it just sound awesome to be able to go to one establishment to get all your beauty needs and services met?  Talk about less hassle and frustration when it comes to scheduling and running around town.

Have you or will you try a beauty bar experience in the near future?

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