What to Look for When Picking a Blow Dryer

What to Look for When Picking a Blow Dryer

When it comes to choosing your next blow dryer, you have a choice to make: are you going to opt for a high end, top of the line blow dryer with all the bells and whistles, and better capabilities for your hair? Or, are you going to skimp on quality and opt for the lower end of the spectrum for price sake? Here, Lionesse gives you some tips on what you should look for in a blow dryer, and what the right blow dryer can do for your hair.

High End vs. Inexpensive
Most women who have been around the block with beauty tools can tell the difference between a high end hair styling tool, and one that is on the inexpensive end of the spectrum. Cheap hair dryers tend to cause damage, burns, and breakage to the hair, while those of a higher standard and quality will actually improve the overall look and feel of your hair. When opting for a heat styling tool for your hair such as a blow dryer, it’s always best to stick with products that are of the best quality – therefore, high end really is best.

Ionic vs. Ceramic vs. Tourmaline
There is a lot of talk floating around about ionic hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers, and tourmaline hair dryers. Many of you may have heard these terminologies used in regard to flat irons as well. Here’s the difference between all three.

Ionic Hair Dryers are actually charged with negative ions that target water droplets, blow them to smitherines and blast them away into evaporation on the hair follicles, leaving behind shiny, beautiful hair. They help the hair to dry faster, therefore causing less damage to the hair. They also help to tame frizz, and help the hair to remain flat. The hair will feel healthy and beautiful once your blow out is complete.

Ceramic Hair Dryers contain coils that are actually made from ceramic rather than metal, such as copper. This makes for better heat distribution, using infrared heat technology without burning the hair.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers contain mineral components which can either be found on the inner, outer, or both parts of the blow dryer. They are able to use negative ionic energy to dry the hair, yet these types of dryers dry the hair the fastest of all three types of blow dryers, thus causing far less damage to the hair. Since this type of hair dryer works the best, causes the least amount of damage, and is a mineral, they are usually the most expensive type of blow dryer – but are well worth the price you pay.

Take Reviews into Consideration
When it comes to choosing your next blow dryer, you will want to take other people’s reviews into consideration. If women are saying a particular hair dryer is not cutting it for the job, or is causing hair damage, chances are likely you should listen to them and opt for something else. Always look up reviews before making a big money purchase.

Look for Best Sellers
Another way to know if you are getting a great hair dryer aside from researching reviews, is to opt for best-selling products. You can ask someone at the beauty counter of whatever store you’re shopping in what the best sellers are, and go from there. You should always choose a blow dryer that will target your specific needs and hair style desires. Be sure to check out our popular Lionesse brand blow dryer, which is a tourmaline negative-ion dryer, and is of course of the finest quality. You could use this blow dryer in conjunction with our Heat Protective Straightening Cream which is also suitable for use with our flat irons, and our amazing Hair Serum which will give you the most fantastic blow out possible, while providing shine and manageability.

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