What “Weight” Works

What “Weight” Works

There are so many different skincare formulations available to us now, it can be confusing as to what products we should or shouldn’t be using.  There are light creams, heavy creams, and everything in between.  So who should be using what? What’s the right formulation for skin types?  Well to eliminate some of the confusion we’re going to share some of our suggestions for light vs. heavy creams/serums and who should be using what.

Who Should be Using Heavy Serums/ Creams
If you have dry, or really dry skin it’s advised that you lean towards using a heavier weighted skin care serum and/or cream.  The reason being is when you have dry skin you typically need more hydration and your skin needs more product to help balance it out.  Using a heavier weighted product will help give dry skin that extra boost.  It’s likely if you have dry skin and use a very light weight product you won’t see the results you’re looking for in a serum or cream based product.

Who Should be Wearing Light Serums/ Creams
If you have oily, or very oily skin it’s suggested that you lean towards using a lighter weight product in your skin care routine.  Because your skin produces a larger amount of oil naturally, using a product that too heavy can have a reverse effect.  So using a lighter weight product will make sure it doesn’t add oil to your skin.  Often times using a heavy weight product when you have oily skin can leave you looking/feeling more oily.

What About Those in Between?
If you have normal or combination skin it’s suggested that you use a product that’s in the middle of heavy and light.  When you have combination skin you don’t want to have too much of an effect on either end of the spectrum, so finding a product in the happy medium space will help you get more balance in your skin.  Additionally, when you have normal skin while it’s likely you’re able to use any weight of the product, but to keep the balance in your skin, it’s advised you stay between a heavy and light weighted product.

When looking at applying any type of skin care product it’s important to have a clear understanding of your skin’s type.  The way your skin care products work on your skin is highly dependent on your skin type.  If they’re not catering to the type of skin you have, you can experience the reverse effects and/or you won’t have the results you were hoping to achieve.  If you’re not sure what your skin type is, it’s worth asking a skin care professional what their expert opinion is.  Thinking of the weight of a skin care product is not likely something you’ve thought about often in the past, but as you can see it’s another factor in your skin care routine that can have an effect on your skin’s health and outcome of using a product.

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