What’s Really Behind Your Acne Breakouts?

What’s Really Behind Your Acne Breakouts?

Acne breakouts are probably the most common skin care concern. Most people deal with acne at some point in their lives. Even though it’s common, when you deal with acne breakouts it can be pretty frustrating. Sure there are a lot of great products and treatments that can help the healing process and some of the prevention of acne, but what’s really behind your acne breakouts? Researchers and scientists all over the country have been putting a lot of their attention on really getting to the bottom of the cause of acne breakouts and they’ve found some pretty interesting things.

Experts in the skin care world have long focused on looking for reasons behind acne breakouts to help their patients. Recently, there’s been a lot of focus on what we put in our bodies and the impact it can have on our skin’s health-especially acne breakouts. While there’s a lot of great value in that information, researchers (according to Time.com) have found that a one of the real things that could be behind your acne breakouts is an imbalance in bacteria in your skin. Interesting, right?

We’ve long known that acne breakouts are often caused by the result of bacteria being trapped in the skin/pores and causing an acne breakout to break through. But taking the idea of bacteria a step further seems to be what researchers are focusing on. Much of this seems to have come because in the past the focus was on how to eliminate the bacteria that causes acne from the skin altogether. The problem with eliminate that bacteria from the skin is our skin and bodies do need some of that bacteria in order to function and work properly. Once it was discovered that eliminating the bacteria isn’t a valid option, they’ve dug deeper and found that it may not necessarily be that bacteria but simply an imbalance in the bacteria.

While there’s still a lot of research to be done on these findings, it’s pretty revolutionary for researchers to come this far. From what they’ve shared so far, it appears that they’re really working on finding a way to get rid of the BAD bacteria in the skin without causing the good bacteria to be effected as well. With the constant progression being made in science and research, especially skin care related, in recent years we have  a feeling they’re going to be taking this information and running with it full force. There’s no set date on when to expect more information, but you know that we’re going to keep you updated as we come across knowledge as it’s released.

From the looks of it, with the advancements being made around acne it could be a thing of the past-who knows! We know that we’re excited to be along this journey, at this time in the skin care world.

What do you think of the recent findings of researchers around acne breakouts?

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