Why America Loves Cherry Pie

Why America Loves Cherry Pie

Ahh pie, there’s something about pie that’s so comforting, isn’t there?  In America, pie has kind of become synonymous with certain holiday occasions.  It’s one of those traditions that Americans all understand, love and enjoy.  There are hundreds (probably?) of different types of pies out there, but cherry pie seems to be one of those pies that Americans can’t get enough of.  It got us thinking about why America loves cherry pie.  So, why do Americans love cherry pie so much?  In general, pie has gone through history to be known as a dessert that’s quite traditional with the American culture.

While pie isn’t something that started in American culture, it’s a type of dessert that’s really been admired and used as a part of tradition in the country.  As history says, it’s believed that some of the love Americans have for cherry pie stems from the first president of the United States.  Yep, George Washington himself.  It’s said that cherries were one of his favorite foods, and there’s an old story about his chopping down a cherry tree when he was just a young boy.  Ever since then, it seems that Americans have continue to associate cherry pie with American tradition.  The first president did love cherry pie, after all.

It likely doesn’t hurt that cherry pies incorporate the gorgeous red color that’s on the flag of the United States as well.  There’s something so wholesome, simple and gorgeous about cherry pies – much like the United States.  Sure, cherry pies aren’t perfect and not EVERYONE loves them but they’re a solid pie that consist of a long tradition in the American culture. These points also likely have a large impact on why America loves cherry pie so much.  In fact, there’s a national cherry pie die as well.  And it’s not unlikely to go to an American holiday event and see a cherry pie on display for dessert.

After we did a bit of searching on cherry pie, what we really think is the reason behind why America loves cherry pie so much stems from tradition.  When the first president of your country has a story that focuses so much on cherries and pies have grown to be such a huge part of American culture – it’s the traditional element of cherry pies that really bring us all together.  There are elements of cherry pies that come from different parts of the world – much like the American culture and history.  The United States was really a place that brought people from all over the world together, and cherry pies have a way of incorporating different cultures into one dish.  Sure it seems like a simple dish, but the history and deeper meanings of cherry pies are really what it’s all about.

Whether you love cherry pie yourself, it’s undeniable that cherry pies are synonymous with American tradition – you can’t see a cherry pie and NOT think of the United States, right?  We don’t think so.  Hopefully the next time you enjoy cherry pie, you’ll take a moment to honor the American history behind the coveted dish.

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