Why Do We Pass the Torch?

Why Do We Pass the Torch?

One of the symbolic traditions that takes place every Olympic games event is the passing of the torch.  Since the Summer Olympics of 2016 is about to begin, we thought we would do a little research to find out WHERE this whole passing of the torch thing even started.  If you’re anything like us, you know there’s some reasoning behind the torch but you don’t totally know what that actually is.  But…we were curious and figured you were too.

The tradition of keeping a torch with a flame lit goes back to ancient Greece.  The ancient Greeks were known for their form of the Olympic Games, and it’s said that the flame was lit and stayed lit until the games were over with and looked at as a form of protection and victory for those participating.  However, the tradition of the torch was lost and brought back to fruition at the 1928 Olympic Games that took place in Amsterdam.  The passing of the torch in the modern Olympic Games is looked at as a symbol of passing from one generation to the next, literally passing the tradition and torch on to the athletes participating in the games at the Olympics.

It’s safe to say, the symbolic reasoning behind the passing of the torch is tremendous.  Since the Olympics are a long-standing tradition throughout the world and hold a great deal of history, it really does make sense that the passing of the torch holds a powerful statement.  We always hear that saying “passing the torch” in regards to other things in life, but in the Olympics the ceremony of passing the torch is truly representing that statement.

Similar to the way the Ancient Greeks used the flame, the torch is still lit during the entire time the Olympics are taking place.  In modern Olympics, there’s security constantly watching over the torch to make sure the flame is constantly on and doesn’t go out.  It holds such strong symbolism, that there’s a whole process put into place around the torch, passing the torch, and keeping it lit.  Similarly, in Ancient Greek times it’s said that the flame and keeping it lit was of the utmost importance during the games.

There’s truly something so special about the Olympics in general.  Even in Ancient Greece, it was said that when the country’s states would be at war the games could bring them together to compete.  It’s something that still holds true today.  Although there is a lot going on in the world in terms of politics and safety, anytime there’s an Olympic game taking place it brings the world together in some sort of way.  The symbolism of the flame, and the tradition of the Olympic games, in general, has this powerful way to do that.  We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to watch this year’s Summer Olympics to watch the passing of the torch and of course watch the athletes that have worked so hard to be there.

Did you know the powerful reasoning behind the passing of the torch?

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