Why Eye Care is Vital

Why Eye Care is Vital

Caring for your eyes is something we should all be partaking in. Your eyes say a lot about you. They can tell someone if you are tired, stressed, worried, or anxious. They begin showing the signs of aging faster than any other place on your body. Taking proper care of this delicate area will provide you with many years of beautiful skin, and good eyesight. Today, Lionesse would like to take a look at some of the reasons eye care is so important and vital.

Eyes Are Essential
Stating the obvious here, your eyes are an essential part of not only your face, but your body’s structure. Without them, life would be so much more complicated. They give us the ability to see to complete daily tasks, such as driving to work, taking our children to school, going to the store, cooking dinner, and to indulge in watching movies and doing things we find interest in. It’s easy to lose sight (no pun intended) of the importance of our eyes, and to take them for granted. Many people are not blessed with the ability to see, and some have even lost an eye in accidents. Without our vision, life changes dramatically. It’s important to keep the importance of our eyes and the blessing they bestow upon our lives in the front of our minds at all times.

Keep Your Room Well Lit
Keeping your room well lit will avoid the unfortunate event of eye strain, especially for those who read a lot or whom work on computers all day long. Taking breaks every 20 minutes or so to look around the room and focus your attention on something else will also help to alleviate eye strain. If your eyes feel tired, strained, blurry, or you find yourself getting regular headaches, it is advisable to see your ophthalmologist for an exam, as you may need glasses.

Eyes Are Sensitive
Your eyes are an extremely sensitive portion of your face. The skin surrounding the eyes is the most delicate skin on the body. When we frown, furrow our foreheads in worry, strain our eyes, or cause any sort of tension on the area surrounding the eyes, known as the orbital bone, we cause tension on the eye area. This is never a good idea being that wrinkles and fine lines can and will form in this area before any other part on our faces. Taking proper care of our sensitive eye area will keep the skin around the eyes looking great, and ward off wrinkles and lines for a long while to come.

Application of Eye Creams
Using eye creams is a great way to keep the skin surrounding the eye area supple and well hydrated. We want to have elasticized skin in this area to avoid looking aged before our time. Application of a good eye cream should be completed in the morning and at night, following our daily dose of moisturizer.

Keeping Your Eyes Clean
Keeping your eyes free of debris is also important. If you’re outdoors and you get something in your eye, you should rinse your eye immediately to remove whatever particle(s) may have made their way into your eyelids. You should never pull or tug on the eyelid as this may cause damage to the nerves surrounding the eye – and also, cause premature wrinkles as previously mentioned. When you remove your makeup at night, be sure to go in with a makeup wipe to wash away all traces of makeup from the eye to avoid any unwarranted infections from forming.

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