Why You Need A Deep Moisturizer

Why You Need A Deep Moisturizer

Moisturizers are one of the must-have items in every person’s skin care routine. Hopefully your basic skin care routine consists of a quality moisturizer that you use twice a day. Keeping our skin well moisturized, regardless of our skin type, is essential to skin health. While using a traditional moisturizer (one that’s formulated for your skin type, that is) is great, there’s a lot of chatter around the benefits of using a different moisturizer in your nighttime routine versus the morning. Night creams are getting a lot of air time, and with good reason. Here’s why you need a deep moisturizer in your nighttime skin care routine…

It Provides Deep Moisture Benefits
They’re referred to as deep moisturizers for a reason, after all! Also known as night creams, these types of moisturizing products take moisturizing a step above a traditional moisturizer. They’re formulated to be a bit thicker and heavier in weight, giving your skin a lot of extra moisture that you’re just not going to get from your day time moisturizer. Since you use a deep moisturizer like this before going to bed, your skin is able to fully absorb the product throughout the night. The evening is when our skin is able to take on these heavier duty type of products.

There Are Powerful Anti-Aging Benefits
In addition to the added moisture benefits, many deep moisturizer provide additional anti-aging benefits. The first reason they’re able to help with anti-aging is because they’re so moisturizing. Confused? When our skin is lacking enough moisture it shows signs of aging much sooner, therefore when we have well moisturized skin it’s much more youthful in appearance. In addition to that, deep moisturizers generally come with added anti-aging benefits built in. They’ve been found to help boost collagen production in the skin, and gives the skin a really nourishing effect. We can’t leave out one of the most sought after benefits of night creams…the prevention of sagging skin. In other words, the combination between the deep moisture and added anti-aging ingredients night creams help fight and repair signs of aging in the skin in a pretty powerful way.

They Help Repair Skin
While there’s certainly nothing wrong with using one moisturizer for your morning and evening skin care routine, the benefits of using a deep moisturizer in the evening are vast. While we’ve already mentioned some pretty great benefits to using a deep moisturizer, we wanted to mention the benefit of these types of moisturizers working in a repairing type of way. Because of their richer formulation and texture, they’re not just helping to protect the skin like most traditional moisturizers do. These deep moisturizers are really assisting in the repairing process of the skin throughout the night. Since our skin and bodies work in a natural way of repairing itself as we sleep, these types of products give our skin that extra boost to assist with the repairing.

If you haven’t been using a deep moisturizer, are you going to try one out now?

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