Why You Should Cleanse and Tone Before Moisturizing

Why You Should Cleanse and Tone Before Moisturizing

Creating a skin care routine that’s consistent and beneficial is really the key to having healthy, glowing skin. Of course using quality skin care products is going to play a big role in your results, the order in which you apply and use your products has been found to be just as important. Many experts in the skin care industry stress the importance of really understanding the correct order of application when it comes to your skin care products. Since there’s a lot of back and forth about some of this, we thought we would really dive into the three basic steps that everyone needs in their skin care routine and talk about why you should cleanse, tone, then moisturize.

Cleansing Your Skin
Beginning your skin care routine with cleansing is essential. Cleansing is arguably the most important part of any skin care routine, which is why it’s so important to start with it. In addition to cleansing being important, it’s stressed to cleanse first in your routine because you’re really getting your skin prepped for everything else that you apply after. Applying products to skin that hasn’t been cleansed really isn’t going to do you any favors. Our skin is exposed to a lot of different environmental factors, and can get built up with oil and dirt throughout the day. We know you don’t want that staying on your skin! Getting all of that ‘stuff’ off of your skin is essential in making sure that your skin is…cleansed, and clean. So before you do anything else with your skin, make sure that you’re always starting the routine by cleansing.

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Preparing Your Skin with a Toner
After cleansing, many experts stress that the next step really needs to be toning. Toning has been a step that’s been back and forth with some experts but many of them continue to find that toning is the perfect essential step to follow up the cleansing step. Toning is often a missed step in many people’s skin care routine, but it plays a major role in it when you follow it up to cleansing the skin. After you cleanse your skin, applying a toner helps to create balance in the skin’s pH levels. When your skin’s pH levels aren’t balanced it’s not able to absorb additional products as well as it could. In addition, toning has been found to help eliminate any additional leftover residue that may be left on your skin after cleansing to make sure that your skin is fully prepped, cleaned and ready to really absorb the additional products applied like your moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin AFTER you have cleansed and toned is going to really lock in the moisture and hydration in your skin.

As we mentioned, toning the skin allows the skin’s pH levels to be balanced so it’s better prepared to soak up and absorb the moisturizing products. When our skin doesn’t absorb the moisturizer applied we’re not able to keep our skin, well…moisturized. All of us need moisture in our skin to keep it healthy and happy, which is why it should always be that final step.

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