Why You Should Splurge On Skin Care

Why You Should Splurge On Skin Care

Oh the wonderful, complex world of skin care.  It’s quite the industry, isn’t it?  And it’s only continuing to grow.  If you do a simple online search, or even step foot into a department store or beauty supply store it’s obvious the options are endless.  In recent years, the skin care industry has boomed and it’s only continuing its rise.  With that, comes the rise in options at different price points.  There are skin care products that range from drug store pricing all the way up to major luxury pricing.  There’s always a debate among the skin care world, and likely in your own mind and wallet, about whether it’s really worth splurging or not.  Which is why we’re talking about why you should splurge on skin care…

The Ingredients are Better
One of the biggest reasons why you should splurge on skin care is because of the ingredients, because while some of the less expensive skin care brands may have similar ingredients the quality of those ingredients are not likely to be the same.  Typically, when you’re splurging on a skin care product the ingredients are much more pure than those of lesser cost.  In addition, you’re typically going to get more of the actual skin care product in the splurge items.  Many lower cost skin care products typically have fillers (even water) that are used to lower the cost of the products – this is not something that you’re typically going to see when it’s a splurge skin care item.  That being said, many of these fillers are often why the lower cost skin care products are able to state that they do have similar ingredients – but why the cost is less, because they don’t have the same amount of the ingredients in them that the splurge items have.

There’s Technology and Research Done
Another one of the major reasons why you should splurge on skin care is because of the research and technology that goes into creating them.  In general, higher end skin care companies have more income potential to put towards research and technology to make sure that they’re able to continuously create products that actually work.  Often times, high end companies will spend a great deal of time, energy and money on research and technology to make sure that they come up with a product and usage of ingredients that are going to be incredibly beneficial for the skin.  Splurging on skin care that’s of higher quality is going to give you a product that’s been tried and tested before being rushed to be put out on the market.

So while there’s a lot of debate around splurging on skin care and whether it’s really worth it or not, it is in fact worth it.  Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and it’s incredibly important to make sure that we’re taking pride in the products that we use to take care of it.  When we use products that haven’t been tested or don’t use the best or most pure of ingredients we’re not going to get the best results from the time, energy and money we spend on them.

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