You May Be Washing Your Face Wrong

You May Be Washing Your Face Wrong

Washing your face is super important for your skin care routine, and really keeping your skin healthy and happy.  Of course, you already know this.  We’ve talked about making the most of your face washing process by using great quality cleansing products but there’s more to washing your face than just using a great quality cleanser.  Newsflash: you may be washing your face wrong.  Yep, we said it.  The truth is that there’s quite a bit that goes into washing your face to make sure that you’re doing it the right way to really make the most out of your efforts.  We’re getting real with you about the things that you may be doing wrong when washing your face.

You’re Not Using the Right Cleanser
Sure using a high-quality cleanser is a major part of cleansing your face, but it’s not just about purchasing the highest quality or most expensive option available on the market.  Truly…it’s not!  In addition to using a quality cleanser, it’s just as important to make sure that the cleanser you’re using is designed to work with your skin’s type.  Truthfully, you can use a great quality cleanser but have the reverse results you were hoping because it’s not designed to work with your skin’s type.  So you want to look for both attributes when looking for a cleanser: quality and what skin type it’s best fit for.

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You’re Cleansing Too Often
While there’s been a lot of chatter around the double cleansing method, there is such a thing as cleansing too often.  Experts suggest that you cleanse your skin in the morning and the evening for the best results.  But if you’re cleansing more than that, you could be doing more harm than good to your skin.  Yes, you can cleanse your skin TOO much.  Why is that bad for your skin?  Cleansing too often can cause your skin to be stripped of its natural oils too much, leading it to become too dry or it could cause it to produce more oil to compensate.

You’re Using the Wrong Kind of Water
Yes, we’re actually suggesting that you may be using the wrong kind of water.  Ok, ok we’re not talking about using bottled water or anything here.  We’re actually referring to the temperature of the water.  Here’s the deal, so many of us want to use hot water because it does feel great on the skin.  However, hot water wreaks havoc on our skin.  Why?  The hot water can be pretty harsh on our delicate skin PLUS it’s been known to strip our skin of its natural oils really quickly – again, causing our skin to become dry/oil production to increase to compensate for the stripping of oil.  So instead of using hot water, make an effort to make sure you’re using water that’s lukewarm instead.  This will allow your skin to become soft from the water and absorb the products you use but not be too harsh on the skin.

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